Best Paying PTC

Monday, March 2, 2009

Best paying PTC

Earn a very realistic $200 to $4,000 a month by joining these PTC sites ( Pay-to-Click Ads ). Joining is free. All the PTC sites listed below are all Paying PTC (Scam free) and regularly updated for important information. Increase your earnings by purchasing referrals as many as you can and also, upgrade your account. It is important to record your referrer so that you can ask your referrer for support in the forum. So, after joining, also join the forum for support and comments. Click the banner, register now and start earning right away.

Updated: Dec. 10, 2008 Data are based on upgraded or premium membership

PTC Program earnings per click earn /referral click payment waiting time comments

Kingsclicker $.01 to $.0175 $.0075 to

Consistently paying instantly so far.


Performancebux $.005 to .$001

$.005 to $.02

24hrs. / Paypal / Alertpay

Consistently paying. Pays according to TOS.
Fast and user friendly script.


Bomblogic $.01


7 days / Paypal Few or No ads for Asians and
non-upgraded members.


Ppclix $.01 $.01 Instant
Members are rapidly growing and
referrals are active. Consistently paying.

Ppclix -Recommended

Adverbux $.003 to
$.003 to

1 - 14 days/ 72Hrs.
Paypal/ Alertpay

Pays consistently according to TOS.
Lots of ways to earn. Secured site.

Adverbux -Recommended

Goldsbux $.01 $.015 24 Hrs./ Alertpay New ! At least 15 Ads/ day.
Cost only $25 to upgrade yearly.


SmithBux $.01 $.01 Instant
New ! Paying consistently so far.


Bux-Matrix upto $.012 upto $.06 automatic or within
7days / Alertpay
2 ways to earn: from surfing and from forced matrix.
Cost only $12 to upgrade. Paying.


uronlinebux $.0125 $.0125 15 - 20 days
Same owner as
You should have at least 200 clicks to get paid.


earn3 $.0125 $.0125 30 business days
Members in this site are steadily growing.
Good investment for your money.
Honest and responsible Admin.


extra10 $.0125 $.0125 30 business days
Same owner as earn3.
Increasing positive reviews and
previously hits the top list.


maxptc $.02 $.015 Instant/ some delays
At least 15 ads/ day. Consistently paying but
with some delays. Owned by Bux3.


Buxstar $.01 $.01 Alertpay
New ! At least 15 Ads/ day.
$10 monthly upgrade. Forum not operational.


PerfectBux $.01 to .02 $.01 to .02 Within 24 hrs.
Paypal/ Alertpay
New! Consistently paying acording to FAQ.


Palmbux $.01 $.01 Instant
Alertpay / Paypal

New! Nice and fast script.
Cost $40 / yr to upgrade.


beanybux $.0125 $.0125 15 business days
20 - 40 Ads per day. Honest and responsible Admin.
Offers monthly, quarterly and yearly upgrade.
Consistently Paying.

Beanybux - Recommended

mainbux $.015 $.01 2 days/ some delays
More ads for premium members. Balance can be used to purchase refs or upgrade.


world-bux $.0125 $.0125 30 business days
Same owner as bux3. At least 20 ads for premium members.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Paying PTC

How to earn a very realistic $200 - $4,000 a month with or without an out of the pocket investment
PTC sites differ from PTR sites in that PTR sites send mails containing advertisement links. When you clicked the advertiser's link ads, your account will be credited. In PTC programs, you visit the PTC site and click the advertisement link. You are paid for every click you made. You should read before clicking because some sites provide cheat links. Your balance will be reset to zero when you click these cheat links.
As an earning example, if a site pays $.015 per click and $.015 per referral click, and you click 10 ads per day, you earn $.15 per day per site. You do not have to create multiple accounts because this is useless. You just have to get more referrals to have more clicks for you or sign up to other best paying PTC sites. Opening multiple accounts per site per person is considered as cheating. You username will be placed in the hall of shame, your account and earnings will be deleted.
An estimate of potential earnings is shown below. It is assumed that you have 100 referrals which is easy to get.
your referral click earnings: 100 x 10 ads x $.015 = $15.00 / day
your click earnings: 10 adsx $.015 = $ 0.15 / day
your total earnings per day per site = $15.15
your monthly earnings per site = 30 x 15.15 = $454.50
If you join just 10 best paying PTC sites, your potential earnings is: 10 x 454.50 = $4,545.00 / month
It is only in the PTC industry that you can find referrals for sale and they are very cheap. Most PTC sites today offer conversion of your balance into referrals. So, with zero out of the pocket initial capital, you still can achieve very realistic earnings of $4,000 a month. This is an excellent Work at Home Program and earn money decently. You can also advertise your products in PTC sites. Among the Get Paid TO programs, PTC program is the simplest and easiest to accomplish.
Although this estimate reflects your potential earnings, maybe more or maybe less, it is not a guarantee because referrals are people. You can not forcibly command them to click the ads everyday. But if the PTC site is manage by a responsible, honest, creative and generous admin, all members will be enticed to be active everyday. They also enjoy reading ads as they earn.

How to convert your Alertpay balance earnings to Paypal
It is against the policy of Paypal to exchange your balance into other payment processor balance. You can only withdraw or use your Paypal balance to purchase goods or services. If anyone is offering to convert your Alertpay balance into Paypal balance, it is surely a scam because Paypal does not allow it.
The best way to convert your Alertpay balance to Paypal is to invest your Alertpay balance to PTC sites that pay through Paypal. And if you are in a hurry to convert it, join the fast paying PTC sites with instant payments and pays thru Paypal.

Tips before joining a PTC site

Open an Alertpay and Paypal account using the same email address and username for both. Also, use this username and email address when joining the PTC sites. Although this is not a requirement for now, someday all PTC sites will require it. It minimizes confusion on the part of the paying webmaster. So, it is better this way if you want to get paid faster. Do not use the same password for each account and your PTC password should be different with any of your payment processor password. There are lots hackers, cheaters and scammers especially within the PTC industry.
2. After signing up, immediately activate your 4-pin number if available.
Read and study carefully the TOS (Terms of Agreement) of each PTC site you join. Many TOS are ambiguous, so, visit and join their forum to gain more information.
The Internet is like a jungle full of snakes. You can avoid being scammed by researching suspicious site on Google. Type the name of the site followed by the word scam on the search box of Google. You can also research on PTC forums and blogs about scam sites.
Do not invest too much in one PTC site. Invest an amount what you can afford to loose. Withdraw your earnings regularly and immediately if possible. Someday, almost all of the PTC sites will end up as scammers and only a handful will survive. So, use your intuition and regularly update for the latest news regarding these sites.

How to look for a good paying PTC

First of all, a PTC site should conform to the PTC industry standard, i.e., paying $.01 per click up to $.015 for premium members. Sites paying more than these rates are doubtful. Cost of referrals should also be within the PTC standards, i.e., $1 per referral on the average. Other sites offering too low or too high for the cost of referrals are doubtful.
Look for a PTC with true payment proofs. The site is usually professionally designed with forum in it. You can see testimonials, news, latest announcements and complains in the forum. You can also ask active members about the site.
Before joining, check out the Scam List which is regularly updated and carefully review the TOS of the site.